Apple products are lifestyle products; they are gateways of new digital experiences for your day to day activities. For instance, the Smart Cover of iPad 2 is just an accessory that anyone would love to posses for their iPad.

If you are planning to buy the newest product from Apple and you live in Tehran, Deltous showroom is the place you should be visiting. Deltous where you can buy and enquire about all the newest products, accessories or applications of Apple.


Deltous specialists in and sells all product lines from Apple. Not only Apple goodies, you can also choose from a huge variety of accessories for your Apple in any of the Apple products of Deltous. Some of the accessories that you can buy in Deltous are:

Mac: The accessories for Mac that you can buy from Deltous are Bags, Cases & Stands, Cables, Chargers, Adapters, a good range of car accessories, accessories for cleaning & protection of your Apple product, a good range of headsets, mouse & keyboards, printers & scanners, soft wares, speakers, storage devices for Mac and Apple Care Protection– Extended warranty & product support for your Apple products.

iPhone: iPhone cases, cables, chargers & adapters, a wide range of car accessories, cleaning & protection accessories, docks and headsets for your iPhone and also the Apple Care Protection.

iPad: In Deltous you can buy iPad cases, stands & docks, cables, chargers & adapters, car accessories, cleaning & protection accessories and a wide range of headsets.

iPod: iPod cases, cables, chargers & adapters, car accessories, cleaning & protection accessories, docs for iPod, headsets & Apple Care Protection Plan are the things you can buy from Deltous.